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Russia Russia Russia ....Ad nauseum

will we finally see an end to this two year old clown show that has only clowns and no laughs?



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Re: Russia Russia Russia ....Ad nauseum

   AND   -  No  Tariffs  on  firecrackers ,  most  likely  -   -   -

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Re: Russia Russia Russia ....Ad nauseum

OK, I bit.


Still fascinated by what motivates people to believe and distribute the Trump gaslighting stuff.


Its a fool's errand, though. 


When people have been made to feel so bad about themselves I guess they'll go for anything.

Always lost or ignored

is who originally commissioned Steele.Which led to the rest.

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Re: Always lost or ignored

Saw one of those supposedly serious whatabout stories in a "serious" publication yesterday.


Began with the assertion that this was all cooked up in a conspiracy by Hillary who commissioned the specious report.


That's the point where you either click it off or you delve in deeper in order to be better armed with gaslighting "facts."


I'm actually enough of a nerd that I read those things through to see if there are any new propaganda points.


Generally those are scarcely few. Like Timeline versions 1.0-9.9- just a tiny tweak here and there to counter each time a hole gets punched in the theory.

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my popcorn supplies ran out a while ago, and my beer stocks are getting low.Just don't see any of these stories having the legs that the whitewater story of inside corruption had.....Trump comes across as appearing a little naïve about most of the stuff, not a kingpin player in the heart of it like Mrs. Clinton and Rose law were during their "episode". And the voters ignored that corruption...most probably didn't even understand any of it. Just like they probably didn't understand the story of how the biggest crook in Chicago helped Barry buy his house.


The ultimate trial will be up to the voters in 2020 since there is not going to be any indictment of Donald John Trump coming from Mr. Mueller.And I can assure you that whoever runs against Trump in 2020 will quickly learn that the voters don't even consider it an issue.

Prove me wrong, and come back and gloat.


Oh for those halcyon days of yore when the 2016 election was going to be  quickly overturned by Mr. you must now hate the whole way your convictions were played and no conviction of Trump resulted.. If they only could have found some soiled  Russian bedsheets with Trump's dna on them, right?  It just isn't right....It just isn't right...


Face it...nobody that is a ratsasp.

Re: just did EXACTLY what nox said...

...those articles do.


Your points were clear and basically prescient and presented something that is believable.  I.e. that the electorate will decide, Trump naive to what he was actually getting into, etc.


And then you declare that the range of investigations is about nothing more than overturning the 2016 election.



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Re: Russia Russia Russia ....Ad nauseum

But but Benghazi Benghazi!!  How long was that clown show with no results?? Oh wait, I forgot!  That was a rightwing witch hunt so that’s ok. 

Knickames frowned upon here,

But seeing as you have one for everybody i’m wondering if we can just call you Congressman Jordan?


Presuming you’d wear that as a badge of honor.