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More than feed the fish

In case you missed it.



Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Nov. 6 that Japan will freeze the assets of 35 North Korean organizations and individuals in response to North Korea's nuclear and missile development programs and the abduction of Japanese citizens.

Abe announced the additional sanctions in a joint news conference with visiting U.S. President Donald Trump, which was held after their summit in Tokyo.

“Now is not the time for dialogue. It is time to apply the maximum pressure on North Korea. I completely agreed (with Trump) that Japan and the United States will intensify pressure to the highest level through every means in close cooperation with the international society to make Pyongyang change its policies,” Abe said.

“(I confirmed with Trump again that) it is important for China to play a bigger role,” he added.

Trump also said in the news conference that the “era of strategic patience” was over.