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Lately, I have read on another site many posts about motorcycle haters. I just want to say, I enjoy riding them and own two myself. You don't see any parked if front of a shrink's office either. Additional helmet laws aren't needed. I wear mine all the time without a dam law saying I have to. Just ride like the other guy can't see you, and it is probably true.


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Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
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Re: Motorcycles

I thought the picture was going to be one of your bikes..... anyway, the headlights look more than adequate.

BA Deere
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Re: Motorcycles

Gesundheit! I agree with you. John Stossel did a report on those wearing helmets and those not. the finding was those with helmets felt bulletproof and took more stupid chances, unsafe. It drives me crazy with forcing us to wear seatbelts and getting tough on smokers. The f*ckin` nazis should just leave us alone, but they`ve figured out how to make this a revenue stream with fines. Gov Chet has made it so we can`t even put in a electrical outlet without hiring a electrician and having a "inspector" signoff on the job.......for a fee of course. Land of the Free .....since when???

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Re: Motorcycles

@BA Deere wrote:

Gov Chet has made it so we can`t even put in a electrical outlet without hiring a electrician and having a "inspector" signoff on the job.......for a fee of course. Land of the Free .....since when???

Good thing though BA is your hair will lay down and you will keep all your fingers.

I always knew there was something good about a sneeze!!

Wonder what her next one will reveal?


gough whitlam
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Re: Motorcycles

She rides during the week and spends weekends in a dairy.


Re: Motorcycles

its a legal reqt here in England to wear a helmet, I ride a bike too and would not consider it without head protection, so the law does not affect me, riding without a helmet in our traffic and poor road surfaces would at best be foolhardy.

Riding Jap superbikes is a popular persuit here, I farm alongside a popular route, we estimate speeds of up to 150 mph are regularly reached, where are the cops you ask ?, guess whats a popular persuit amongs police officers..............allegedly 🙂


Re: Motorcycles

I have made mistakes driving, so has everyone else who hgas driven more than a bit- it is just that the Dunning-Kruger effect  applies  with Americans in regards to driving skills.


Anyway, no helmet law is fine with me as long as drivers are relieved of any liability if they cause an accident and the rider of the bike ends up a vegetable for life.


Meaning, I don't want to make a mistake, or even be in a equivocal situiation and be liable for injuries that might have been prevented or reduced by prudent behavior. h

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Re: Motorcycles

A guy who used to haul grain for us went riding without a helmet, he was 55.

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Re: Motorcycles

The local funeral director offed himself recently with a hand gun. Left a grieving wife and very active business.

Lets ban all handguns. Makes as much sense as a law requiring motorcycle riders wear helmets.


I say ban all left turns on public highways.  tHAT Would save more bikers and 4-wheelers alike.



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Re: Motorcycles

My main negative issue is that most seem to mirror the South Park episode by removing the mufflers and making as much noise as possible.   Bad enough in town but extremely annoying on a nice day when you have the windows down and they blast around you.  They should enforce the law which requires mufflers.  I do understand this is a relatively free country and each chooses their "poison", but it also seems particularly mindless to be running around in a pack every nice weekend going from tavern-to-tavern getting drunk on a poker run.  Others with mufflers and ridding sanely alone or in a small group; no gripes.