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Mr. Speaker

Paul Ryan current speaker of the house of representatives made his comments of the day concerning the futility of the democrat sit in at the capital building today. How foolish was it for the opposition to expect passage of new legislation concerning gun control when there is absolutey zero odds of passage.


Yeah that was the same Paul Ryan that supported legislation to repeal Obama care when there was absolutely no chance of getting it done while the president stood firm with the veto pen. I believe it was 50 some  times they passed for repeal in that futile effort. Talk about waste of time and tax payer dollars!


I guess it matters who engages in the futile effort!

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Mr. Speaker

Nancy Pantyhosey did us no favors when she had the gavel...fricken Harry Reid sat on bills when it was opportune.  The Democrats broke rules in Periscoping with their cell phones during the cameras off declaration.  All the childish Democrats were doing is putting on a show for their spoiled brat constittuents.

Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Re: Mr. Speaker

It is, as you all well know, illustrative to read about the goings on in Congress over time.  The rather peaceful Congress that we have experienced in our lifetime is probably not the norm.  Beatings on the floor of the house, duals and such are the stuff of Congress since and even before the establishment of this country.

Why are we surprised that everyone uses every trick they can think of to get their way?

If you thought you could win by a legal but unpopular practice, is it morally right to not use it?  Do you drown because you won't push a dead man off a raft?

This applies to both parties.