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Mrs. Clinton responds

Mrs. Clinton took to tweeting and commenting after the massacre in Las Vegas.


She said that we need a lot of new gun laws and we need to take the guns away from the deplorables that inhabit what she refers to as flyover country. 

She said it's time to disarm Americans who don't work for her or her husband.

Oh, and she's sorry for the riffraff that were probably mostly Republicans that got shot, but it was their own fault for not electing her.


Her sentiments were echoed by other Democrats eager to confiscate more freedoms from middle America, not content with removing affordable health care.


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Re: Mrs. Clinton responds

Well short of your paraphrasing, what she actually said:


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Re: Mrs. Clinton responds

When Mrs. Clinton's husband was in office he oversaw the killing of 76 men, women and children.  18 children.


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Re: Mrs. Clinton responds

And your point is, wehav? We might have 83% of this so called presidency to go.

And what it yet to come?

Tick Tock.....BONGx9!!!!!!!!!

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Fourth of July

I don't want to share the fourth of July holiday with any that wrong?


Just think if the British Crown had meaningful gun confiscation and control back in 1775.


When the fourth rolls around, progressive types...please go fishing in Canada or have a private ladies aide party....fair enough?