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gough whitlam

Re: Mubarak Is Gone....

Craig, a brief google indicates the SSS is a group who do some dirty work for governments in regard to conscription in anticipation for a revolution or war.  I wondered why you are so quick to advocate rev. or war.  Maybe they should call it the "SS" instead.

Veteran Advisor

Re: As for now the new military leadership.....

@tomtoolbag wrote:

  Hey Canuck, we're getting some sleet here, and I'm kinda thinkin' this might be the last hoo-rah for the snowplows, but at least I'm on the positive end of it this year. Hellooooooo summer spring.


  The common theme over and over in a repressive dictatorship is the military. Believe me, I sincerely hope that Egypt is on a path to freedom and prosperity that their people haven't known about for 60 years. But, the highest parts or leaders of their military has got rid of their cabinet people, and suspended their parliament. When, over the history that we know of the past and since we have been alive has those types of actions ever led to a positive outcome for the overall citizens of any given country?

  I ask you that as a parent that has a son who is 18 years old that I went with to register for the draft and to vote, and it is compounded by the foreign policy blunders and fascist mentality of the people that run this country whether directly or indirectly.

HAd a little snow here last evening with wind so up to clear drives this am.

Cleared next door at 6am for milk truck to come at 8am and continued on to other drives. Sun came out at 8-9am looked like a nice day coming then Lake Huron decided to make some more work. Could hardly see your hand in front of your face for a while around 10 am. Came by the dairy about 11 and cleared the second drive that the milk truck had left from, all rutted up.

Had to go back by to another drive this aft and the second drive to the west is full to the top of the cut banks a good half metre deep again. Still a ground drift then so will go back tomorrow morning and clean up again, expect a number of other drives need to see me again too.

-8C here right now and clear and calm, is supposed to rise overnight to 0 by 8am with more wet snow turning to rain. Makes for nice work clearing that stuff.


About Egypt sounds like the military is making the right sounds about having democratic elections hope they can carry it out.

Understand Algeria is awakening now. Each country that is successful leads to another it seems.

Should set up a lottery on which one will be next.