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Mueller Witchhunt....Insights

lots of good stuff in this National Review Column


the idea that Mueller's lifeline now is actually to get fired rather than be held accountable makes a lot of sense and would explain why the former decorated warrior became a bedroom voyeur, a peeping tom of sorts.


Backblow sucks, right? If this "investigation" is held up to sunlight and to the current Supreme Court, Mr. Mueller will probably rue the day he decided to be the partisan hack he has proved to be.


After all this investigating, the real liars turn out to be Comey, McCabe, Mrs. Clinton, Obama, Mr. Clinton, Loretta Lynch, etc etc.


And Trump is proving to be clean.

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more on the witch hunt


A snip:


Judge Ellis’s remarks also speak to a growing consensus that the Russia “collusion” or “meddling” story is a phantom, if not a fabrication of the FBI itself, and that Robert Mueller’s appointment to investigate it was illegitimate from the start. In any case, it seems, for now, to be going nowhere, except maybe ricocheting back at itself — because more and more it looks like Mueller is there only to defend the reputation of the agency. Also, for now, the FBI and DOJ are engaged in a war of wills with both houses of congress. Senator Charles Grassley, the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and members of the House Intelligence Committee are battling Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for official documents that he refuses to produce. It only makes the FBI and DOJ look like rogue agencies.


Now Judge Ellis is asking to see unredacted memoranda spelling out Mueller’s exact commission as Special Counsel, to determine just where his authority begins and ends. Ellis is apparently familiar with the stratagems casually employed by overzealous federal prosecutors that can look like dirty pool — for instance, turning witnesses with janky charges, setting perjury traps, or, in the separate case of General Flynn, threatening to bankrupt a person for lawyers’ fees to defend himself against Mickey Mouse charges.


The Deep State — and when I use that term, I mean the swollen, entrenched, permanent federal bureaucracy and their water-carrier corps of lobbyists, policy wonks, contractors, and media mouthpieces — may not get away with this inquisition. It’s possible that Judge Ellis may, at least, send the Manafort case to a different jurisdiction, the US Attorney for the Eastern District Court of Virginia, if he doesn’t throw the case out altogether on the grounds of prosecutorial overreach. The latter would be a blow against Special Counsel Mueller. It ought to be grounds for his dismissal. And what’s left of the Russia case after that? General Flynn’s guilty plea for lying to FBI agents about whether he had a conversation with the Russian ambassador?

Behind the disintegrating RussiaGate campaign is a much deeper, darker swamp of official misconduct at the FBI and DOJ, for which there is already a ton of evidence that has been made public and which seems worthy of prosecution.

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Re: more on the witch hunt

I want to hear more about this Judge Ellis....instead of trying to appease everyone, he has the testicles to actually take a stand , which is uncommon in this America we live in.


There is a traditional way to remove a President from office, it is called an "Election"......I am really appalled that the fruitloops on the left, as well as the RINO's on the right see fit to have tried to remove Trump by this witchhunt, which JK accurately alludes to and probably was one of the first to identify as such.


When the history of these times are written decades in the future, Kunsler , Ellis, and hopefully a few yet to be named will be the heros, not James Comey, Andrew McCable, etc. and especially Robert Mueller.

Re: more on the witch hunt

What a load.


Ellis was seeking to determine if charges were being assigned to the proper jurisdiction.


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Burning your collection of kunstler books today?



slender reeds

are becoming harder to find and tend to be poorly rooted, like timelines.


The Cohen revelations appear to close the circle between Stormy and Russia, making all things relevant.


Meanwhile, same 'ol, as the 40% hurry to burn down the Republic before the jig is up.



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Re: Mueller Witchhunt....Insights

First  it's just  coffee boy$,  then  Mr.  Fixit  with  a  $econd  mortgage,  now  the  drug  company  pay  for  ac$$e$ ,   etc.  -  etc.  is  this  con servative  swamp  draining ? ? 


Oh   Stormy,  bring back those summer dayZ,   bankruptcy courts  &  divorce courts are an easier traveled road - maybe ? ?


Spiro Agnew - made the same case,  & history reviled how that worked out - - -  

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smoking gun.


Are you sure this time?


Wash, rinse repeat.

Re: 500th


Doesn't matter how many smoking guns there are when the 40% owns a governing majority and is made up of groveling lickspittles.


Doesn't mean it won't all come together at some point though.

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Re: 500th

I'd say its more about whether the electorate even has a say.  State worshipping knobwashers  aside.