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Mueller bringing charges

First ones coming down. 


Makes sense with with what we have been seeing with the heavy spin being put out to muddy the waters and with all the deflection and counter spin of the last week.

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BA Deere
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Re: Mueller bringing charges

Tony Podesta?   



High-powered Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta and the Podesta Group are subjects of a criminal investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, according to a new report.

Mueller is looking into Podesta and his lobbying firm for potentially violating a federal disclosure law—called the Foreign Agents Registration Act—for groups who work on behalf of foreign governments, NBC News reports. The lobbyist has been influential in Democratic politics for years, and his brother, John, was chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.

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Re: Mueller bringing charges

Just keep spinning it BA. Your masters are proud of you.

Funny you and Millie haven’t been “chosen” for some job in this goofy administration. I’m sure you and Millie could’ve filled any of the appointments the so called president has filled - and probably be better than the appointments that were made.

Funny you didn’t name Hillary as your person of choice.

Take your pick of the real front runners....Kushner, Flynn, Don the Con Jr., Manafort. Maybe Trump himself, on tax evasion.

Need to get some popcorn going....

Tick Tock.....BONGx9!!!!!!!!!


Re: Mueller bringing charges

What happens to the Podesta Group will be determined by precedent and standability. 


As you asait that, here’s something to chew on:

Re: Mueller bringing charges

Take a breath and try to imagine where this situation might be if Rosenstein had NOT. have appointed a Special Prosecutor.


There IS going to be a defacto civil war when the smoke clears. No question. We ahould both dread that. You, particularilly, at your tender age are going to have to preserver and make your way for some time, You aren’t some loser skinhead sitting in your Mom’s basement . God willing. And your kids and hopefully grandkids to come. But it will be helpful in minimizing the carnage to have some element of law present and involved. The whole country isn’t Sheriff ARapio’s AZ County or Roy Moore’s Alabama winger sanctuary, or Bundy’s scrub feral beef cattle ranch 

Re: Mueller bringing charges

I don’t care who gets in trouble and meets justice, Repub, Dem, Ind, I don’t carry water

for politicians, I don’t excuse crooks for crimes. 

Re: Mueller bringing charges

BTW, the Free Beacon , from your link, were the original funders of the Steele - Trump Russia dossier.

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Re: Mueller bringing charges

Told ya the establishment repubs hate Trump more than you do.

Re: Mueller bringing charges

Even with an extreme built in advantage via gerrymandering in the house (and state legislatures) and the constitutional construction of the Senate, it still seems a tall order for The Counter-Revolution to succeed.


The bridges are unlikely to get totally burned before '18 and the odds of an increase in a GOP majority in '18 seem small. Best hope for those desiring a white theocracy would, I guess, be to hold the Senate, not lose the House and run the op through President Pence and Butt Gorsuch.

Re: Mueller bringing charges

The “establishment Republicans in the Senate  gave him a standing ovation at lunch the other day. 


I’m not so sure they hate him so much as that he makes it tough for them to figure out wether to crap or go blind.


This tax bill debate is going to be a circus.