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Re: Mueller bringing charges

(this idea of yours that Russia was not involved seems to ignore the fact that other countries in Europe have also noted Russian influence on their election process as well as Canadian worries about our elections which has led to Face Book changing things to try to stop the ads providing fake news stories that did influence your election results.)


Yea, Russia also had an influence in our 2012 election, it just didn't matter to you, liberal's, main stream / liberal media, etc. because the Russian influence was pro Obama & anti Romney.


(The one good thing is at least the majority of voters saw through the false info that was provided by foreign governments and did not vote for your dear leader.)


And I'm sure you believe that the NY Yankees should be in the World Series because they outscored the Astros' over the 7 game series (votes); but the Astros' won more games (electoral college).


(Hopefully more will realize they were had and reject his divisive policies.) 


We did realize we were had in the 2012 election, that's why we voted out the divisiveness of Obama's 3rd term via Hillary. 

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Re: Mueller bringing charges

WHO ??

Manafort and Rick Gates told to surrender

Pres can deflect  all he wants but he was his campaign mgr.



Senior Advisor

Re: Manafort and Rick Gates told to surrender

He also worked for the podesta group.

Re: Manafort and Rick Gates told to surrender

whatever.............. if that bunch is dirty then I hope they get caught and prosecuted as well. I don't care who they snare in all of this, unlike you and your friends here.


keep spin'n , I'll send a tow truck later for you.

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Honored Advisor

Re: Manafort and Rick Gates told to surrender

Let me put it to you this way, yes I hope all crooks get caught and their just reward.  However, I want those in office that`ll kick Mexicans out rather that those that`ll drag more in.   

Re: Manafort and Rick Gates told to surrender

you forgot the part about getting to keep your guns too.

Senior Contributor

Re: Mueller bringing charges

One might only wonder how many of our other bi-partisan Washington DC power elites would stand up to such unlimited investigative scrutiny? The multi millionaire lobbyists on K Street could just be getting a tad bit nervous right now.


This is certainly no defense of Manafort. Let the cards fall where they may. But, by all means, do let the prosecutorial games continue for the likes of Bill & HIllary Clinton, Tom Daschle, Eric Cantor, Haley Barbour, Trent Lott, Tom Harkin, Chris Dodd, Al Gore, Little Dick Gephardt, Eddie Gillispie & Jack Quinn, etc. etc. etc,, and soon to be lobbyists, Jeff Flake and Bob Corker..


Follow the money, as always, follow the money.