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Senior Contributor

Logic and rational thought

Is what you have to base things on Bruce, not why then and ifs.


Start with what you KNOW to be true.    Absolute irrefutable evidence that Hillary or associates committed crimes.   Plenty of history that people less careless with classified data have been charge.   Destruction of evidence and look at the processes used by the investigation, everyone given immunity before even given a chance to perjure themselves.  As compared to Mueller's investigations, not similar.



No rational person can come to a different conclusion.  Unless they base  their denial on something other than facts.


No circumstantials or what ifs changes the facts. 


Its certainly possible that both committed crimes (other than process crimes), that's yet to be seen.  But there is no other conclusion that the justice system is corrupt.





bruce MN

Re: Logic and rational thought

I have no basis upon which to technically disagree. I ‘m a huge critic of some of those players on the “other side” so would have no more problem with them being investigated thoroughly.   But that didn’t happen for whatever reason. 


But, again for the 1000th time, why didn’t the (narrowly focused to the spectacular extreme) political party that had ALL of the levers at it’s disposal never order any investigation? File the first charge(s)?


It almost can’t but help to convince one that there has to be a consensus among the “conservative” leadership that the perpetual mysticism is more valuable to the perpetual cause than to run the process. If not, somebody would have moved on it.