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Re: Don’t trust those defeatist losers

please share the timeline for us rubes.....this has been going on since mid 2016 and soon it will be mid 2019.....the USA mobilized and fought and won a two front world war in about the same amount of time.


Please forgive us for having some doubts, ok?I know I lack the vision to see the master plan at times and need some guidance.


Meanwhile, it looks like the democrats have their own 180 degree version of Ms. Palin running wild, but your fertility goddess doesn't have babies, just births little tweets.If there wasn't a fruitloop like AOC, the conservatives would have had to make one up I guess.


You posted about how crazy the 2020 Republican convention is going to be....from what I can gather, the republican convention is going to look pretty stable and tame compared  to the nuthouse your guys are going to put together.. well, not really "your guys"...Doubtful if slow Joe even gets a speaking spot, yet alone consideration as white guys might not even get to enter the hall. Pass the popcorn, and crack open the beer. 


Wait until you see what POTUS Trump has up his sleeve, too.