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Re: Multiple train-wreck

Yeah. He should have been brought up on the Pelosi/Kennedy side. Then he could kill women and still be a fine upstanding citizen. A lion of the senate type of citizen. A march side by side with NAMBYA type of citizen.

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Re: Multiple train-wreck

Now how many witnesses have collaborated her story? Her best friend said what? She could only remember what happened after coaching by whom? She said she couldn't be sure of what? Even the new york times turned down her story why?

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incredible dishonesty

"That would’ve been the same thing to do. The non-psychopathic thing to do. The normal thing to do. The Manly thing to do.

But Brett Kavanaugh and company did not do that. Why not?"


Never considers the fact that the "why not" could be that it didn't happen.   Why do you suppose that is?  



Re: incredible dishonesty

But of course a credible timeline of the FBI conspiracy against King Trashy did?

The Real Deep State

that this stuff all grows out of.


The foundation of mid-century European Fascism was in conservative elements of the Catholic Church. They were deeply concerned about social disintegration following the Great War and also, having seen the destruction of the Eastern Church in the recent Russian Revolution, saw the Soviet Union as the primary enemy.


The regrettable excesses aside, that remained fairly static through the war and after and the American OSS was pivoting to the next war well before the surrender. James Jesus Angleton was sent in as OSS station chief in Rome and traded safety for Nazi Catholic war criminals for the use of the world's best intelligence network and other lesser advanages like an alliance with the Italian Mafia (Italian Communist guerillas were the most effective irregulars of the war- and deeply popular for it- and a quiet civil war went on for a couple more decades).


The grand coup came when the OSS' descendant, the CIA, managed to install a long term operative- Bishop Karol Wojtyla of Poland, on the throne of St. Peter, which ultimately led to the breakdown of the Soviet Empire- obviously with a great many other machinations going unrecognized.


That represented the high point in Roman Catholic influence in the USA but the legacy remains through sleeper organizations such as The Federalist Society that seek to advance a reactionary social and economic agenda and defend the opacity and immunity from civil authority enjoyed by the Vatican for more than a millennium.

America is a Christian Nation

trope is as bogus as a three dollar bill- at least without a huge shed load of context.


But why should that keep people from taking it in hook, line and sinker if it advances some other urgent agenda they're serving?


Not even debatable that America is a product of The Protestant Enlightenment- that's why the Founders sought  toavoid the European circumstances of misery and oppression under royals and state churches.


From a Catholic point of view, the Enlightenment is just an unfortunate blip of a few centuries in their long game. They've always sought to capture America.

Re: America is a Christian Nation

Critically, a thumper alliance was formed between Catholics, evangelical protestants and Mormons, pretty much across the board on a reactionary social agenda.


There's a pretty good amount of theological sniping that goes on between the three groups but they remain in lockstep on politics.

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Re: incredible dishonesty


so are libertarians

actually crypto-catholic monarchists in disguise?


Randy Paulsky is certainly giving off that vibe of late.