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Re: Murders of white males up 25%

Murder rate continues to decline in non-SYG states, offset by SYG Darwin Award states.

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Re: Murders of white males up 25%

So you rule out killings of people if the shooter claims it was self defence with the Stand Your Ground law.

Where does a killing like this fall?

Is it murder or racist over reaction?

The Florida statute says that people who reasonably believe they are in grave danger do not have a duty to retreat from a confrontation, even if they can safely do so, and instead have the right to stand their ground with deadly force. Last year the Florida Legislature made the law even more protective of those who use force by putting the burden of proof on state attorneys: They must show that the law does not protect a person they charge, rather than the defense having to show that it does.

And then there was Trayvon Martin...........


Re: Murders of white males up 25%

The actual stat was that the overall murder rate was up 7% in SYG states but the rate for white males was up 25%.

Sharp drops in NY and CA weigh heavily against the overall average, since it is weighted to population.