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Murkowski and Collins

While there's a GOP crackpot in the Maine governors mansion there remains a small reservation down east where the last known surviving specimens of old Yankee republicans reside.


Murkowski, if you recall, was defeated in the 2010 GOP primary by Palinite Joe Miller but ran as an independent and retained the seat- and promptly rejoined the GOP caucus. Miller was runner up to her again in 2016- running as a Trump supporter to her right.


She's got 5 1/2 years remaining in her term so she owes Trump nothing.


When all you got is a hammer........


And I might note, you're about as smart as one.

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bruce MN

Re: Murkowski and Collins

Will be well placed among the throng who, as related to me by a fellow who attended a major land grant college agriculture dept. alumni banquet a little while back and observed the male and female undergrads there, who will "be running everything" in a few short years.