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Muslim persecution?

This article has references to lots of Canadian politics but it does put forth something I agree with that many people are over reacting and persecuting people unconnected with waht they have the fear and hate of.


I despise niqabs. I really, really do. But I despise attacks on people’s freedom even more. There’s a difference between a woman in a veil and a jihadi sawing off a head. We need to remember that.

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Re: Muslim persecution?

The Muslim religion left to it`s own devices is probably harmess, however being a false religion it is easily co-opted by`s always been that way the pirates of Tripoli up to today.  The one worldism of today were you can go to a shopping mall in Mankato Minnesota small town and it isn`t out of the normal to see a woman with head wrapped up and a bunch of unruly little Hadjis.  They`re all over and a few bad one`s could sneak in or given their easily corruptable religion they could be converted.  That is the trouble with all this "rainbow" crap that we`ve been sold.