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My God! Am I responsible for the holocaust?

In the late 1800's my Grand father and his brother migrated from Hamburg Germany to Northern Iowa. After they became established, their parents joined them. My father was born in 1900 and the family grew from there.


During world war 2 my brother joined the army and served in France and Germany. My dad related that during that war a neighbor was promoting the sale of war bonds. the follow tactic was used. "Walter, we people of german descent must buy these bonds to indicate that we are loyal americans and don't have a historic loyalty to our past." I guess your son fighting under our flag isn't proof enough.


BTW a number of years ago I cashed my bond in because it was no longer drawing interest. Yep, My dad bought one in the name of all his kids.


After, our family migrated to america some 30 years later Adolf Hitler came to power and chose to murder Jews and others by the millions. I didn't do it and my family certainly wasn't involved but perhaps we are tainted with some guilt because of who we are and where we came from. I don't know if Hitler was a lutheran or not but I could be doubly guilty.


I wonder If I remotely share some of the guilt and whether all people of german descent share that guilt. And should we be denied the right to build a lutheran church.




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Re: My God! Am I responsible for the holocaust?

You bring up an interesting topic Don.  Just how far back should one go to try to right a past wrong or apply guilt to people who were not yet living at the time?  Should Blacks be paid reparations by today's tax payers for wrongs done to their ancestors over a hundred years ago?  Why should you or I pay for such reparations if our ancestors never owned slaves?  Should families who's ancestors were known slave owners be forced to pay up?  If apid by all should Black tax payers be granted some type of tax credit so they are not helping to paid for the wrongs committed against their ancestors?


What about our country's past mistreatment of Indians which can easily be argued was much worse then that of Blacks?  Indians were targeted for extermination and our military helped to murder large numbers of Indians including women and children. As an added insult white men then stole the Indian's ground and relocated the survivors.


This very idea of how far back should one go to attempt to right a past wrong is also at the heart of much of the worlds most deadly troubles.  How much of the troubles in the Middle East and the conflict between Israel and Palestinians can be attributed to this idea of past wrongs?  Various religions around the world still hold old grudges against one another often resulting in deadly wars.


Me thinks in some ways humans might be better off if they had shorter memories about some stuff.


Re: My God! Am I responsible for the holocaust?

Don gave an eloquent and surprising denunciation of affirmative action didn't he?

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Re: My God! Am I responsible for the holocaust?

You're probably right Sam, if you think helping others is injuring you. So if I were you I wouldn't put a hand out to anyone because you just may injure self in the process.


Re: My God! Am I responsible for the holocaust?

 You are right, it is called coruption by blood and the US Constitution contains enuciated prohibtion in this Nation, because they understood it was totaly inconsistance with Individual Liberty, the thing it was designed to protect.

 Those primative religions of the Middle East based upon New Testement tribal laws---Judism and Islam, an eye for an eye, religous laws of war, they believe it is the duty of warrors to kill any member of other religions which could endanger the tribe in the future under Rabbinical Law, duty of family to stone members of their family under Sharia Law.   Both religions demand their slaves create a Theocracy.  


  The reason the fundimentalists have gained control is demonstrated by the  classical example of Persia/Iran; the US and UK created the overthrow of a Democratic Government the Persians had struggled to establish then installed a brutal Puppet.   The only ones who could organize a rebellion was the Fundimentalists, so today the unfortunate Iranians are governed by a Theocracy.  


 It was outside covert operations by Lukidites and AIPAC's influenced Covert Government, which created Humas in a sceme to empower opponents of the PLO, there is blowback, Humas are fundimentalist muslins who want Theocracy.      This is openly discussed in the Israeli media but unspoken here.   The US needs to get out of Israel and the other Nations under The Empire's rule.



Corruption of Blood
Corruption of Blood was part of ancient English penalty for treason. It was usually part of a Bill of Attainder, which normally sentenced the accused to death. The corruption of blood would forbid the accused's family from inheriting his property. Such bills and punishments were often inflicted upon Tories by colonial governments immediately following independence. Source: 381 US 437


Re: My God! Am I responsible for the holocaust?

Once again your response lacks reason.  

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Re: My God! Am I responsible for the holocaust?

Geez Kaft-t now you have me worried. Am I responsible for your countries wars since my ancestors were loyal to the Crown and fled when your countrymen revolted?