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Re: My Solar

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If I had lived across the Cannon River in Dakota County, we would've been on Excel Energy, instead of Goodhue County Electric.

When we put our panels up, Excel was offering a 50% rebate on the project, in addition to the 30% tax rebate. It was a no brainer for those folks. Yet, not a lot of people took advantage of the program.

I have seen a few installs out there. Molitor Farms over by Vermillion has quite a set up, with multiple panels on sun trackers. They are cool, no doubt. But speaking with the fellow that did our system, he felt that more panels, even if not oriented just perfect, was a better way to go. Sun trackers, especially those capable of having 20 or more panels on them, aren't cheap.

We had to do some negotiating with our electric coop, to do the grid that we did. They need to make money also. We were originally going to do a about a 20 kWH system, which would've covered all of our electric needs. But, Goodhue County and I compromised on a setup were it was a win/win. So far, it's been working great....


Oh - you can see why I opted to repower my truck, instead of getting rid of it. For a 2004, it's not in bad shape, considering it went trough the rigors of farming and running my small concrete business for 10 and 4 years, respectfully.

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