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Veteran Advisor

My friend the prince

Here we go again...Donny has a new friend, the
Prince ....
Just like Vlad, Donny believes him ...
So we have to keep giving prince
Money ((and we're supporting the Saudi
That have all the oil, that held us hostage
With oil, who made billions on us...and guess
Where some of the passports were from for
Those that did 911???))
The CIA says the prince was involved in reporters

Good friends there Donny.... your guts are really
Working overtime
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Jim V1
Veteran Contributor

Re: My friend the prince

CIA also said that there where WMD'S in Iraq too.

Just sayin'. 

Veteran Advisor

Re: My friend the prince

But we have to support the saudi's. ?????

Yes, such a poor, 3ed world country

Senior Advisor

Re: My friend the prince

We support China. What have the saudis done that China hasn't? Same with Mexico. Mexico is one of the most dangerous spots in the world for journalist.