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Veteran Advisor

My hope for 2020

I hope next go round BOTH parties come out
With good candidates. Those without baggage.
For once we could choose the better of the two,
Not the "least of two evils" that we have been
Doing for a while.

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Senior Advisor

Re: My hope for 2020

You will never have a candidate without baggage because everyone has baggage.

Senior Contributor

Re: My hope for 2020

Actually, elcheapo, this is election is going to be a cake walk, because everyone of the Republicans are in the pockets of the NRA, and need to go! Thanks to them we are going to do what Trump promised, "DRAIN THE SWAMP"! The "swamp" was the Republicans!! EASY PEASY!! Don't even have to wonder or worry. A long time ago, I was under the opinion, that on party controlling all 3 branches of government was a bad thing, and I was right, especially if they're all Republican!

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: My hope for 2020

Even a man like Jesus, the side of evil would manufacture "baggage".  At church today was the sermon of how Jesus was upset that moneychangers (the swamp) had taken over God`s house the temple.  Jesus turned over the money tables and chased out the livestock that was being sold and used a whip on the merchants.  They (Democrats of the day) were mad as hell and demanded who gave Jesus the right to chase them out?  Jesus said `this temple will be destroyed and rebuilt in 3 days` they laughed that the temple had been under construction for many years.  Of course Jesus meant that His body would be destroyed and resurrected on the 3rd day.  


Then there was the sermon of how Jesus healed the sick and blind on the Sabbath, which was a no-no, so the clever Pharisees (Washington Post) tried to trip Him up ....Jesus the Son of God was the most hated man on earth back then and I wouldn`t doubt that today`s liberals are even more wicked, so I can`t imagine what they would do to Him today on earth.


"Saul" ( p***y grabber) the wicked one, became Paul (constitutionalist) the righteous one.   So, in today`s wicked world it is no wonder that "Saul" (Democrat) would be more accepted than a reformed "Paul" (Populist Republican).


The Left is so wicked that they don`t even recognize what they`ve become these days.

Veteran Advisor

Re: My hope for 2020

You are one twisted SOB, I can say that for ya BA.


You can change a skunks stripes, but it still stinks.  You really think - REALLY?!?!!??!??! - that Trump on the Access Hollywood tape, is now "reformed and righteous"?   Oh my I have heard it all.


Like I said, you are one twisted SOB.....


Tick Tock(MF).....BONGx10!!!!!!!!!!





Re: My hope for 2020

I've got a note pad to the side for my list of good candidates who could be nominated by the Trump Party and haven't wasted any ink yet.


I don't have much enthusiasm for any of the D old guard either.


Since we've received blanket immunization against the charge of wanting an administration to fail, I'll just assert that we're almost certain to be in a state of chaos, if not crisis, at that point, so a very large amount yet to be known.

Veteran Advisor

Re: My hope for 2020

Ba, now I know. Your life’s work is as a fictional writer. What is your nom de plume? I might check some of your books.