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Senior Advisor

My humble opinion

Hello all.

I have decided to give my opinion on the supreme

court nomination.

I have to say that I haven't paid much attention

On the subject until recently.  I did have some

Concerns on some of his opinions on the power

Of the president. His leaning was that the president

Is "untouchable"... Which I disagree with.  If he does

Something wrong, they need to be held accountable.


Today at one church, a person asked for prayers for

The nominated... I have to say, I grunted when that

Was said, and I almost walked out.  I'm glad the

Pastor was smart enough to say we pray for the

Decision makers.


Here is where I am coming from on all of this.

What got me was testimony on what happened to

The lady...while the teen years are learning years..

The line was crossed when he attempted to

Stop her for hollering for means no.

The question... Why wait so long... If you are

A young girl you think different than us old men...

She could have been scared, afraid, ashamed..

Part of it being the rich boy could cover it

Up....which in some cases are true.

I heard the comment " she was asking for it".

That is NEVER true...a teenage girl being

If that isn't bad enough, it was his outburst...

That in my opinion, was telling.

Then further, argument with one of the congressional

People....As an lawyer, when trying a case at the

Supreme court, you back talk to them, you

Will be corrected in a !matter of seconds.

Then giving incorrect information on his drinking.


As for the new FBI investigation... I think

It is information come forward,

Serious accusations... They need to be

Looked into.  Trump was right, he wants a

No holes bared... We need the truth, so all

Of us can sleep better.


But what if we know no more...


In this case, for the good of the country, either

He steps down, or trump withdraws.


There will always be a dark cloud


This is only my opinion, you all are entitled to your



I welcome your opinion here, but I do ask that

It is done in a respectful manor as I have tried to



Name calling, finger pointing, etc has brought us to where

We are now..a country filled with hate.

It reminds me of two things.

Lincoln said...a country united will stand, divided it will


I am told there are places in the world, where one group

Hates the other...the young when asked why they hate

The other group...they don't know, they just know

To hate them, but no other reason than being told

They should.


Good afternoon


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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: My humble opinion

The thing is it`s Ford`s word against Kav`s word, the only witnesses agree with Kav`s version, the only physical evidence is Kav`s calendar.   Both gave equally emotional testimony of an event that may or may not have happened THIRTY FIVE YEARS AGO!!!


Yes, of course if Ford is telling the truth and or Kavanaugh is lying, he should not be on the SCOTUS, however if he is innocent as he testifies and what ever evidence there is points to him telling the truth, he should be unanimously approved by the senate.


Look Kav was top of his class, into sports and got into Yale law school, are we to believe that one summer night in 1982 he tried to rape a girl and that was it....he NEVER tried it again????  So, he was "Bill Cosby" one night and then went 35 years leading an exemplary  life???   Kavanaugh is a man that you would find desirable to live in your community, he pays taxes, doesn`t rob liquor stores, he doesn`t burn down and`d want a guy like that to date your daughter.


Ford`s friend Leland that supposedly drove her to the party did not recall the party, let alone there even being a party.  Dr Ford`s recollection is the only shred of evidence that is ruining the reputation of a man that would be on the supreme court.   Do we allow one woman`s recount of 35 year old events destroy a 54 year old man`s life?   Is that all it`s going to take these days???


I get that, you don`t like how you believe that he will rule on matters...totally get that, much like I don`t like Ginsburg and Kagan and Soytomayer .   However, ruin a person`s life with no evidence just because he might take away your Obamacare?  and for others the "right" to kill their babies???   That right there is how the country has gone down the drain, this sexual abuse claims are a red herring.

Veteran Advisor

Re: My humble opinion

Who were the witnesses who testified before the senate committee? Let’s see there was Dr Ford and kavy and, and, and , and, help me out bad boy!
Senior Contributor

Re: My humble opinion

elcheapo, your reasoning sounds solid to me.

When I saw a clip (did not see all of his testimony) of him yelling about how mistreated he was I thought that is not the type of person who should be put on the supreme court to make calm careful decisions.


If the others call you names it just means your argument won since they have no points to refute you with they go to name calling.


And do not let praying bother you since studies show that the only benefit from praying accrues to the person doing the praying just as meditation is good for the person meditating.

Senior Contributor

Re: My humble opinion

BA where have the other 'witnesses' said that they agree with Kav's position?

From what I have seen in news reports they only said they do not remember a party like that.

Have any of them actually been questioned? and put their thoughts in writing or sworn testimony?

I remember a news report saying that Kav's friend has only replied through his lawyer so not his comment at all just a statement from the lawyer.


Now do you remember all the parties you attended as a teenager? or any of them in detail?

On the other hand if something unusual like a big fight or someone getting hurt  then you might remember that especially if it happened to you.

When there is nothing out of the ordinary happening to you your memory is far less able to pul the event up even if it did happen.


Who has the right to kill babies?

A statement like that leaves your message in doubt if you actually think anyone has the right to kill babies.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: My humble opinion

The friend that drove her to the "small gathering" was Leland Keyser and she doesn`t remember a party, let alone her friend almost getting raped, crying wanting to go home "now!".   Also Leland didn`t know Brett Kavanaugh.     



Senior Advisor

Re: My humble opinion

I want to thank BA for using restrain when replying to my


Yes it truly is a bad situation, for all parties.


I don't know how the probe will come out.


I think the worse thing would be inconclusive.


It then boils down to a he said, she said that

Means nobody wins.


I hope, we have a definitive answer, one way

Or the other, so we can move on to bigger

And better things.


Senior Contributor

Re: My humble opinion

That would be a fetus not a baby BA

Senior Contributor

Re: My humble opinion

I can’t believe I read another of your sh it tee poems. I want my minute back
Senior Contributor

Re: My humble opinion

Looks like the White House is going to make sure you get an answer with the investigation.

News here is reporting the FBI is very limited in what and who they can investigate.


When you choose the people to interview and what you can ask them you have also chosen the result you will get.