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Senior Contributor

My thoughts on student loans

First, it's amazing that people think it's acceptable or right for a president to make law.

Second on any farm site there are a plethora of people who are in debt hundreds of thousands of dollars but are paying off that debt.  There are millions of Americans with thousands of dollars of debt for housing and cars, cars to get to WORK, but they too anticipate paying off those loans.

Both of those groups in debt have things in common, they are going to pay off their debt and they went into debt because they had a vision of achieving something.

College shouldn't be treated as an opportunity for fun, for experiences.  It should be treated as an investment.  You shouldn't invest in something that doesn't pay.  A degree in teaching only pays if you get it from a lower cost teaching college, not a degree from a prestigious university that can cost in excess of a quarter of a million dollars.  That $50k to $60k annual income from teaching isn't going to pay off.

Lastly, when you want to play or live beyond your means nobody else should have to pay for it.  There's no value to society from another art major, women's studies major, political science major and many others.  America needs productive people not divisive people, not more politicians, lawyers or social justice warriors.  We need real scientist, engineers, doctors, computer programmers, and other people that produce goods, services, and a better, safe, longer life for the majority of the population.