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Re: Myth of Republican Racism

There is something in there, I think.

Lots of crackers needing to get herded if these suppression efforts succeed.

Might need a central figure for that to happen. At least it seems so from recent elections.

Senior Advisor

Re: Myth of Republican Racism

Racism when?  I can tell you, the republicans today aren't anything like the republicans of Nixon's time (50 years ago).

  And Nixon didn't have to signal anything, Northern Democrat support for the Civil Rights Bill did that for him.  As for Spiro Agnew, he was the major of Baltimore, that says it all.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Myth of Republican Racism

But it’s a WHOLE LOT EASIER, to manufacture a LIE to spread to the masses, that those that lost legally were CHEATED out of a victory, even when court case after court case, PROVED the lies.

You think America is going to listen to Republican lies anymore?  Don’t think so....all your lies are doing, is reminding America to never, ever again vote for the Republican liars when they come up on a ballet.  Republicans have lost me - and they have lost America with the lies.   Just keep on lying.....I like it!!!