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NAFTA finished

According to this article it is finished except the final announcement.


When it comes to the North American Free Trade Agreement, Justin Trudeau faces a stark choice.

The prime minister can either capitulate to the demands of U.S. President Donald Trump. Or he can begin to prepare Canada for a world without NAFTA.

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Justin "overreacted"

I don't know what planet these people are living on but can't imagine what historical context they're drawing on that would suggest that other nations won't also adopt the lose-lose paradigm when they're insulted with negotiations carried out in bad faith.


BTW, there are only two explanations for the US actions that make sense. First, and most likely, is that they're just seeking domestic political points and as long as they can keep turbocharging the end stage of the Obama recovery they can pretend that it accomplished something on balance.


Second is that a Putin mole would certainly seek to disrupt the historic western alliances.


Both could be true.


The lesson in all of this would be the extraordinary power of highly concentrated personal wealth both in the US and in Russia, which is less a sovereign state than a crime family confederation of the oligarchs who seized the vast natural resource wealth of the country.


The #1 purpose of those oligarchs is to convince The Good People that government is bad- that being the only potential counterbalance to their hegemony. Race, religion etc. are the primary tools.

the 50,000 foot view

taken, you would conclude that Putin has leverage over Trump that is being used against US interests.


The sad and fascinating thing is that The Good People can't even imagine that they're in league with a nihilistic, narcissistic sociopath, even though all of those traits are extant to some degree in all of us.