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Re: The links to Bush, Puhlease....

Tom: " LOL, you wouldn't even know who Solyndra was,or even c are, if it weren't something that you could somehow negatively relate to Obama and his administration, plain and simple. You haven't discussed their(Solyndra) technology or anything at all about the solar PV/thermal industry, not once. So yes, it's all about ideology and smearing your ideological/political opposites and enemies."


Wouldn't that be the same as a Repub telling Dems complaining about Haliburton's no bid contract that they wouldn't even know who Haliburton was, or even care, if it weren't something that they could somehow negatively relate to Bush and his administration, plain and simple. You haven't discussed their (Haliburton's) technology or anything at all about their oilfield services technology, not once.


When a wrong has been committed such as prematurely pushing a loan through for political reasons why on earth is it necessary to discuss the technology involved in the business?  It has no bearing on the wrong committed. 


Bart, the big stink is because the career people in the Dept of Energy said the loan was "not ready for prime time" and had severe reservations about it yet they were pushed to get the loan approved quickly by the Obama administration.  An internal investigation has shown this to be true.


Please show me a link where Bush was pushing for the loan to be approved prematurely when the career DOE employees were warning him about approving it.


I have no doubt Bush would have liked to seen the loan approved but at the time their had been no such warnings given about the loan.