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Senior Advisor

Re: NEVADA: Las Vegas Cop Killers

You progressives have got something to crow about now. Let's just wait until we learn a little more about these two kooks. I bet they hate the thumpers more than you do. But now you have something to talk about beside the VA and swapgate.

Veteran Advisor

Has to be more to this story

Are these two people really false flag martyrs that really had a goal of eliminating private ownership of firearms, or were they drug addicts like one news report implied?


Story just doesn't "smell" right.

Senior Advisor

Re: Yes there is more to the story.

When people encourage the premise that government needs to be changed by armed conflict, then you open the door for all the crazy gun nuts in the country. Like the Ok city bomber that waged war against the US government thinking he was a patriot. Thus they become martyrs in their crazy logic and they earn the praises of the right wing. As if violence was really an option.



Senior Contributor

Re: Oh and he was a Bundy Boy too

After two days there he was told to leave.


Re: Has to be more to this story

this is what Mike vandeboegh says about the two re Bundy's.



a. The two of them never got on the Bundy property (not even the outer security camp was on Bundy property).

b. To my knowledge they never met the Bundys.

c. On my recommendation, they were turned away by both Jerry & Stewart.

Senior Contributor

Re: Has to be more to this story



LOL, even if true, SO WHAT ???  


The point is the 2cd ammendment- freedum- militia-teabaggin talk attracts these types of people, AND  the people on THIS site who represent the Rah Rah Club of these terrorists.


Next you will say he once saved a puppy.