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NY times: the rights violence problem

An article in the Times excoriates the right for the violence of a few nut case shootings.  

But ignores the left violence in Ferguson, Portland, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and other locations across America.  Cities and business burned, residents killed or injured by the left and downplayed by left wing news media and left wing mayors and governors.

And left-wing violence is now also seen as somehow more excusable because of the constant lies of left wing news sources such as the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN etc.

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Senior Contributor

Re: NY times: the rights violence problem


It was mostly peaceful violence that occurred in all of your mentioned cities. Always remember, it was always mostly peaceful violence...more or less.

Same same for a southern border crisis that isn’t, rampant transitory gas/food/energy inflation, 100K + drug overdose deaths that may or may not have really happened this past year, the goodness of government sponsored Covid vaccination mandates for our children, the everyday presence of White Supremacy movements, and the curse of domestic terrorists impersonating soccer moms & dads who may have attended their local school board meetings.

[File under: Who are you going to believe; the NYTs or your own lying eyes?]

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Re: NY times: the rights violence problem

3 people were shot in Chicago in the time it took you to make the post.