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Senior Contributor

Re: Nancy Pelosi on election fraud

[Whachya’ got again on the status of the Russia investigation?] 

This one of paddle pops attempts to overthrow the government ("Our election was hijacked. There is no question. Congress has a duty to protect our democracy and follow the facts." - Nancy Pelosi 5-16-2017) was at the beginning of the $40 million fake russia russia russia investigation.


Re: Nancy Pelosi on election fraud

She wasn’t lying or making anything up.

I was asking what you had at hand that would prove that she wasn’t accurately saying that.

There was never any question that she wasn’t telling the truth. Between a crooked AG and equally crooked Senate Leadership everything was shut off.

Standing behind the results of that horseshlt is now just going to be one thing on the postmortem list of the horrors of the past 4 years.

Senior Advisor

Re: Nancy Pelosi on election fraud

Yeah. We know Bruce. Is Adam Bullschiff going to produce his mountains of evidence at this time. Even after the FBI and CIA says there was no reason they should have spying on Trump and his transition team.