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National security is better


The nearly year-long tariff war between Canada and the U.S. is almost over.

The Canadian government released a statement Friday saying the two sides have agreed to eliminate the tariffs within two days.


The deal applies to the tariffs the U.S. imposed last June by citing national security — 25 per cent on imports of steel and 10 per cent on aluminum — as well as Canada's retaliatory tariffs on steel, aluminum and as other consumer products.

Canada has long argued last summer's tariffs were illegal. As part of the deal, the Trudeau government has agreed to end its legal challenge against the U.S at the World Trade Organization on the section 232 tariffs.


The tariffs have disrupted supply chains and added extra costs for consumers and businesses across a wide range of industries on both sides of the border, and were becoming a barrier to ratifying the new North American free trade pact.

A senior source with direct knowledge of the negotiations said the Canadian side had been quietly insisting that Canada wasn't going to ratify that deal until the tariffs were lifted. The source added that President Trump is looking for a trade win, given escalating tension with China.



Interesting that with the election coming this fall and parliament to be start summer recess shortly there is little chance the new NAFTA will get approval until after the election and of course there is no rush since the US congress and senate has not ratified it yet either with some wanting changes.


At least the original NAFTA is still working

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Re: National security is better

So you want the tariffs back on now? It would seem you are never happy. You must have had a bad childhood.

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Re: National security is better

Why would you assume that?


I just posted an article pointing out they were finally being removed after financial damage had been done in both countries.

Tariffs that were illegal and should never have been applied AND it was a false excuse your dear leader tried using when he put them on.

They would have been removed eventually after the legal process came to an end but that would have taken years.


the big problem is your dear leader has no long range plan for these actions he takes and as the article noted he needed a 'win' now because the China trade war is going bad for him and the agitation with Iran has the potential to lead to more unrest in the mid East area and another unwindable  war with more bodies coming back to the US and many more in the Mid East.

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Re: National security is better

Hahahaha..... Your fear mongering is at an epic should be scared. No more free meals off of the American tax payers you *****.

Oh by the way, thanks for this. I'll quote it every time you pretend to have America's interest at heart. Lolololol...
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Re: National security is better

So nothing will make you happy right?