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Nazi watch


In opposition 44 repubs, 55 dems.


Probably about the correct representation- repubs are 15% bigger nazis.

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Cheney says Bush knew


With friends like that....


But I'll 100% guarantee this is how it will play, here and elsewhere. There is an easy on/off switch that can be thrown- yes he did/no he didn't as easy as pie and often as needed.


It is sort of like the old "there was a hijack drill underway on 9/11- yes there was, no there wasn't, yes there was, no there wasn't, oh just move along, nothing to see here.



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Re: Nazi watch

Nox, thanks for the insite on HR4681   I wonder how many here whether DorR even new how their Reps voted on this H.R..


My little farm Qween voted for it along of with  Iowa  Minn, Neb elected idiots    




Re: Nazi watch

Sure she did. The islamofascists are coming to take away her farm subsidies.


Which aren't welfare if you're a Real American.  They're what made America great. For her.