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Senior Contributor

Need help

When I go to the right side of this site and click on "Go To" you get the drop down window listing the other forums here such as Machinery Talk, Shop Talk or Marketing.   As I move my mouse down over the various forum listings it high lights each one so you can click on them to go to say Shop Talk.  My problems is the advertising that is always on the right side of the page which remains under the drop down window.  Any of the various forums listed in the drop down window that happen to sit directly over the advertising are unable to be click on to entered and will not high light like the ones that sit above or below the advertising.   If you try to click on them you instead are clicking on the ad for Wyffels or what ever the day's ad is.  How do I use the drop down window and get to the forums over laid over the ad?   TIA

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Senior Advisor

Re: Need help

First instinct is sledgehammer. That has not proven to work very well.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Need help

Same exact thing kept happening to me, so I don't even use the 'go to' on the right anymore. 

I left click on the top left, where it says ' Community' in red letters, and then highlight, and click 'open in new tab'.  That brings up the main menu that lists all the individual forums.

Not that I don't like hearing about new tractors or sprayers, or whatever, but no matter what I tried, the ad was somehow the part the website recognized, not the 'go to' I clicked on.

Senior Contributor

Re: Need help

I knew of more time consuming alternate routes to get there but it just gets frustrating that I can't use the simple short cut. 

Senior Contributor

Re: Need help

I could use some help too.

Lately the site has been unwilling to allow me to sign in.

It either keeps telling me there is a problem with my user name or password or just freezes up after I input them and will not let me sign on.

i am able to read messages but not to post since I am not signed in.

Using Mac and Safari but it has only been in the last week that I have been having trouble.