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Need to invite her to the forum


We need some moderating views from the right side of the aisle. And she just knows lots of interesting things.


"But, unsurprisingly, she’s acting like she’s the victim of some kind of anti-Christian conspiracy and getting very weaselly when asked about her wacky views by reporters.

“I don’t know, I guess I’m assuming it was true; you’re assuming some people assume that it’s false, I mean, who knows,” Bruner told a local news station when asked if she really believes Obama spent his youth as a gay hustler raising funds for his supposed drug habit."

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Re: Need to invite her to the forum



Cruz will pick her for VP


Re: Need to invite her to the forum

looks like she is channeling Bachman and Palin combined x infinity. We  already have C.P. Milligan for such we need more ?