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Senior Advisor

Re: Neil MacDonald about sexual assault in the US military

@Canuck_2 wrote:

@r3020 wrote:

Yeah, I have to agree with you, the President is not the man for the job. You are more informed than him. You know about this terrible problem in the military but the President is clueless. He seems to be the most uninformed President in recent memory. He didn't know anything about fast and furious. He didn't know anything about benghazi. He didn't know anything about the IRS targeting Americans because of their beliefs. He didn't know anything about the justice department grabbing the AP's phone records. All he seems to know how to do in campaign, attend $32,000/couple elite fund raisers, vacation, or get onto the golf course. Maybe if he would actually stay in the White House and attend an occasional Pentagon briefing he would know about the war on women inside of the military.

It will take more than just the President to fix what has been an ongoing problem with your military of sweeping problems under the rug and protecting their own rather than rooting out problem attitudes.


You may not want to look, and your media does not talk about it, but there has been an ongoing system of not punishing members after serious errors/crimes.

It is not new.

Who in their right mind would ever give these clowns control over their health care? Will be different than the incompetence in the military.Fraud, deceit, and cover up.