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Neil Macdonald on Farm Bill

Worth reading Neil's take on US trade policy and the Farm Bill.


Among the many myths Americans entertain about themselves is the belief they're self-made; that any success they might is in spite, rather than with the help, of government.


As Ronald Reagan once said, to a great chorus of cheers, "government isn't the solution to our problem, government IS the problem."


Nowhere is that notion more fiercely beloved than in the vast spaces between this nation's cities; in gun-toting, Republican-voting, tall-standing, rural America.


It's a delusion, of course. U.S. farmers are practically wards of the American nanny state.


But it's a delusion the legislators who represent rural America — both Republican and Democrat — are willing to pay to maintain.


Big time, in fact: propping up delusions wins elections.


Take the outrageous story of Washington's hush money to Brazil. It's not one that's widely known in the U.S., probably because it cuts against Reagan's government-is-the-problem narrative.


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gough whitlam
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Re: Neil Macdonald on Farm Bill

Christ. I can remember telling everyone that for years but no one listening. The word "hypocrisy" kept coming to mind. But you not get any of the bludging farmers on here to respond because they are overwhelmed by guilt. They never respond to being labelled hypocrites but quick to take everything Uncle Sam gives them. They are just dumb enough
to think no one knows.

They will all read this post but will not acknowledge it. Gutless pricks.
BA Deere
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Re: Neil Macdonald on Farm Bill

MacDonald is sucking up to his Canadian readers, he knows where his bread is buttered. First of all there isn`t many farmers in America, and still fewer that actually 'benefit" from a farm bill.  Us farmers couldn`t have gotten anything passed, 1% of the population and none of us would even agree on what colour to paint a John Deere tractor. 


The crop insurance is "nice' but it`s a one year at a time deal, if the February price is cheap, that doesn`t mean that you are guaranteed to break end or even not go broke in the fall.


Senator Chuck Grassley, the only farmer in the senate voted against the farm bill...what does that tell you?


0bama, the one that all us gun totting, Christian, homophobes hate so much, signed the farm bill into law...what does that tell you?  oh and BTW  no Republicans were standing with him when he signed it.


The National Cattleman`s Beef Association was against the farm bill and COOL, they are "American`s" are they not?   Seems they don`t want their products labeled.  I can tell you this, a farmer/feeder running 40 head of fats through the sale ring is proud to have HIS BEEF labeled "Product of the USA". 

Re: Neil Macdonald on Farm Bill

Gough, you speak truth in your own charming manner.


BTW, the pivotal point in recent history was in 1998 when the long march into The Desert of No Farm Subsidies was halted after a few hundred yards in that hot place and we ran back to Egypt.


It was an even stranger than usual time in our politics. It is true that with President Clinton in trouble he was looking for allies anywhere he could find them (as observed by Barry Flinchbaugh) and traditional farm state democrats were there for the taking. But republicans were also bound and determined not to get outflanked in those swing districts.

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Re: we farm on 0 gov money

figure we are in the majority ---dont need the gov when you have good management only when you are failing do you need the gov prop up but it does keep food cheap for all those welfare whores

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Re: Neil Macdonald on Farm Bill

BA - good point when I visit the fruit and vegtable isle the " sticker " is on the orange although we don't hear any threats on that from our border neighbors to the north or south ---

Re: we farm on 0 gov money

Revenooers might be dressed up as USDA folks!

Re: Neil Macdonald on Farm Bill

Bringing this up to the top for a poster over at Business.

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Re: we farm on 0 gov money

Well, now. Ollie used the same terminology as craig--we farm on zero govt money! personally,I'm sure that both are liars and that both are the same person.
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we are 2 different people now you got a spine or not