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Senior Contributor

Neil Macdonald on Saudi Arabia

The latest article by Neil this one on Saudi Arabia and the friendship with the USA.


A few new, to me, bits of information that confirm what I have pointed out before and seemed obvious to some.

Now maybe the secret reports about Saudi involvement in the NY attacks will be made public and maybe the hypocracy of supporting a tyrannical regime will be questioned by the US public.


Saudi's minority Shias have met with similar treatment; a respected Shia cleric was sentenced to death recently for criticizing the government.

The Saudis, who fund the building of mosques in America and around the world, strictly prohibit the presence of any religion but Islam on their soil, and America, the champion of religious freedom, says nothing.

The Saudis also openly scorned Obama for not being quick enough or generous enough in funding Syria's rebel forces. (As it turned out, of course, much of the Saudi funding ended up being channeled to ISIS and its cohort, but never mind.)