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Neil Macdonald on USA's new war

America is going to war again. People are scared again.

The American news media have a scary monster in the Middle East again, and commentators are practically saluting on air. Again.

**bleep** Cheney, smirking, is back onstage. Last week, at a speech in Washington, he called for immediate military action, "sustained … across several fronts."

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"The president must understand we are at war,” he declared, relishing the new moment. “We must do what it takes, for as long as it takes, to win."

At about the same time, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was speaking in Manhattan.

“At present,” said Johnson, who is actually in office and whose entire job is protecting America, “we have no credible information that ISIS is planning to attack the homeland of the United States.”

Johnson may as well have been dancing a jig, for all anyone noticed.

Polls suggest an overwhelming majority of Americans now believe that ISIS is a direct threat.

Seventy-one per cent of people responding to a poll conducted by the Opinion Research Centre believe ISIS already has cells inside the U.S., ready to strike. Eighty per cent of respondents wanted Congress to authorize military action. Ninety per cent said ISIS is a direct threat to the American homeland.



Which brings us back to the incredible gall of **bleep** Cheney.

This is the fellow who was practically in charge of the massive deceptions the Bush administration used to justify the last U.S. invasion and war that led to much of the chaos going on right now.

Cheney promoted the idea that Saddam Hussein was somehow behind the attacks of 9/11, which was nonsense, yet was accepted as truth by most Americans for years.

He was also behind the weapons of mass destruction canard, one of the most destructive falsehoods in modern history – one that directly led to hundreds of thousands of deaths.

'No corroborated information'

As always, when fear and demagoguery are rising, a few well-informed voices try to talk reason, but you have to listen hard to hear them.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Neil Macdonald on USA's new war

Wow!  This Mr. Cheney must hold immense power, Aye Canook.

Senior Contributor

Re: Neil Macdonald on USA's new war

'Power' or influence accentuated by the media.

At least that is the way I perceived what Neil was saying.


Senior Contributor

Re: Neil Macdonald on USA's new war

I know, Aye Cankook!  Mr. Cheney says jump!  The president says How high!