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Senior Contributor

Neil Macdonald

Neil has lots to think about in his latest article




She’s now referred the matter of the CIA’s actions against her committee to the Justice Department. The CIA, unbelievably, has asked Justice to investigate Feinstein’s committee.


What’s truly depressing, though, is the quiescence of the American public. Reports of Feinstein’s speech have generated news stories, but little evident public outrage.


Since 9/11, Americans have developed a supine trust in their deep state. As have Canadians, evidently; revelations of the same sort of electronic eavesdropping by the Communications Security Establishment, which has far less oversight than the NSA, have left the Canadian public relatively unperturbed.


It’s a combination of complacency, and fear.


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Senior Contributor

Re: Neil Macdonald

Because Feinstein thinks its fine to monitor and abuse to average citizen she's just pissed because she thought she was above being under surveillance.   Just like she surrounds herself with guns but wants to disarm the average honest person.  Screw her.