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Neocon discusses the how "we" get the US into war with Iran


First, I think that Nate Silver is probably close about Obama's significant lead on an electoral basis and reepubs are merely mau-mauing about the big mo as a means of creating plausible deniability when they electroniclly steal the election in Ohio and a few other places.  Hey, if you don't know history it is likely to repeat.


Then, I assume that it will be not much more than a year until the second phase of post-america begins. An economic cyber-attack, as suggested above, makes a lot of sense. It would provide justification for a rapid and complete fascisization of the economy (and once again cover the banks' tracks), further crack down on civil liberties and an end to freedom of the internet (hey, we all know this CAN'T be permitted to continue). And, of course, war on Iran.


Guns and ammo are OK but actually probably of limited utility in a brownshirt society (the gummint and the abundance of vigilantes that it co-opts will always have more and better).


My thinking is that it is probably a good idea to do short term prepping- I don't expect a lenghty period of economic chaos and deprivation- just long enough to frighten everyone into embracing the coup.  Some food, water- below zero sleeping bags if you live in the north. Keep the heat tanks and vehicles full.


My best guess is that in a false flag economic cyber attack, most conventional assets will be hit hard initially. I'd aviod having large unhedged grain inventories, a lot of high beta stock exposure etc. Impossible to say but I'm guessing that cash bank balances below the FDIC limits will ultimately be honored.  But in the short term I'd want to have many $thousands in small bill cash around and perhaps some precious metal coins of smaller denomination.


I suppose that gold and energy perform well in the post-coup environment although from an investment point of view, positioning and timing is tricky.  Pretty low confidence on this but I actually tend toward a continued sell off in both before the insiders begin to pre-position in a serious way.