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Re: Netanyahu calls Jews home

If it is going to even remotely resemble the 1948 migration and "settlement", large numbers of them.....many, many more than the few who will be able to pick up the tab on their own...are going to require sponsorship. Sponsorship by sovereign entities, as was the case back in the day?


Not so sure that the UK, French, Dutch, Swiss etc. governments have got that sort of cash just lying around right now.



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Re: That's not to say.......

Perhaps the yahoo plans on an attack on Iran and wants the jews consolidated to lessen a wide spread terror reprisals against the jewish people. Next question, does the United States have a commitment to support Isreal if they choose to instigate an aggressive campaign against Iran or other middle east countries?  I didn't even like supporting our country when it engages in aggressive acts. Why in the world wouldI support isreal in aggressive engagements?

Re: Netanyahu calls Jews home

Response from a leading European Jewish  cleric.  Posted in a Jeruselum newspaper: