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Senior Advisor

Nevada judge rules against trump's challenge, we're losing track of how many losses that is.

A District Court judge in Carson City on Friday ruled against an attempt by President Donald Trump’s campaign to overturn Nevada’s presidential election results, saying there was insufficient evidence to support fraud accusations.

Quote the ruling, "The contestants failed to meet their burden to provide credible and relevant evidence to substantiate any of the grounds set forth in (Nevada’s election contest statute) to contest the November 3, 2020 general election,” Russell wrote to close his 35-page order.

"Russell ruled Trump’s campaign failed to meet any burden of proof, let alone the “clear and convincing evidence” standard required, on any of the four grounds required to overturn an election result..."

So, not only is it a conspiracy of multiple election officials, Republican & Democrat, in six states but it's a giant conspiracy involving multiple judicial systems across several states now?  How come nobody has come forward with evidence of that?

How much bigger can it be?  Any chance that it includes all the voters in the six states combined all conspired to vote against trump?



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bruce MN

Another GQP appointee

Justice Russell

2007 GWB (total RINO, of course)

Unless you goofs want all previously appointed by Republican Judges axed for the RINO connections..

Bye Bye Sam.  Bye Bye Clarence.