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Never let a good disaster go to waste

A few years back I bought a water proof back pack on the internet from Coleman's Military Surplus for my son who likes to hunt and fish.  Since then I get regular emails from Coleman"s Military Surplus about once a month listing what specials they have going at the time or what items they are promoting.  Generally their emails will be promoting insulated boots, sleeping bags, ammo boxes, gas cans, snow shoes, cots and other types of slightly used or new surplus miltary items.  Yesterday I got an email from Colemans and the items they were promoting were noticably different then what I have typically seen in the past.  Every item was some type of distaster / survival item.



Old style "Fall Out Shelter" signs from the 60's 



Mayday emergency water packets in bundles of 100



British charcoal lined protective suit



Distaster blankets



First aid kits



Light sticks 



Russian gas masks



Cases of MRE's

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Re: Never let a good disaster go to waste

  What??   You don't have your bunker properly stocked and your bug out kit ready?   There was a 10 year blizzard here in 1977, all power lines down, roads impassable for a month, we did not have electricity for about 3 months.  It's wise to be prepared for the worse.   


  I don't have my bunker stocked either nor anyplace to bug out to,  I'm already there.

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Re: Never let a good disaster go to waste

I figure we are pretty well set John.  We have a generator and large fuel tanks on the farm normally kept

fairly full and one part of our house is electric heat.  We have one dry basement and one that leaks water half the time (so we always have water), a large garden and several fruit trees that we use to can alot of our own food, and even though we are now empty nesters the wife still keeps our pantry well stocked and our frig and chest type freezer full of food.


I figure we could hold out for at least a ten years. Smiley Happy