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appointed by Dennison after firing his predecessor couldn’t find anything.

New guy says he can’t find anything.

I think process makes appointing Jenna Ellis in 7 days impossible.

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Senior Advisor

Re: New GA USA

Keeps flagging twitter. Josh Marshall.

"Weirdest article I've read in ages. Quickie-installed acting US Atty in Atlanta says he's surprised to find no fraud. Expected tons. Sorry, this isn't abt watching too much Fox. Reads more like reading surprise into the record for a purpose."

Senior Contributor

Re: New GA USA

Gee another never thrumper.  I thought he was appointing loyalists.   But as long as Trump keeps repeating the lie, guys like Sam, Ron and IH will never back down.  

BTW, where has IH gone to?

Senior Advisor

Re: New GA USA

I think he was crushed when the long awaited QAnon coup didn't happen.