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New GW theories

Here are some articles I came across in the Global Warming debate.
It seems that there are a few things I didn't know until recently.


NASA has found out that the theory of how much heat is held in by increased Co2 isn't as much as originally thought.  That doesn't mean GW isn't happening, just that it isn't as severe as once thought.  It goes a long way in explaining why the oceans only rose a fraction of what Al Gore said they would.


Another points to errors in the original GW formula that exaggerates the effects and amounts of GW.  Apparently, this theory is flawed to the point that NASA used different formulas for the space program.



Also, did you know that other planets are experiencing GW, as well?


The polar ice caps in Mars are shrinking.



The funny thing about science, is it often isn't an exact science.  They have been studying planets since before Galeleo's time, yet just a few years ago, they decided we didn't have as many planets as once thought.

NOW, just recently, they think they may have 'found' a new 9th planet. 


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Re: New GW theories

We have always until recently had 9 planets but when they found something larger than Pluto a few years ago, they took the "planet status" away from Pluto.  So for now we only have 8 planets.