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New Governor General speaks out

Our new Governor General Julie Payette came out against fake news and those who do not accept proven science.  Just one month in the job.


Every once in a while this site will not let me post a link.

Check the CTV site if you want to see what she had to say about it with a clip below


In the speech she questioned how it was still possible that people believed "divine intervention" created life or that personality is defined by astrology.

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She also was incredulous there is any debate left about whether climate change is real or that it is caused by people.


Or here is a story on CBC which I am able to post a link to


Addressing a science conference in Ottawa, Payette argued for the need for greater public acceptance and knowledge of science. In doing so, she made dismissive references to astrology, the notion of "divine intervention" in the creation of life and those who doubt the scientific consensus that humans are significantly responsible for the warming planet.

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Re: New Governor General speaks out

Seen the type 100s of times. The smartest person in the room.

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Re: New Governor General speaks out

Yeah, you see it in Marketing Talk all the time.  Farmers who simply refuse to believe information that is accepted by the vast majority, and then wonder why their marketing plans don't work.  Will their wives take away their trading account?  🙂