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New Witness

Rumor has it that Democrats along with the ambulance chaser guy are pursuing a promising new lead that there may have been a talking parrot that was a witness at one of Kavenaugh's accuser's's location, no address or year provided.


Democrats, along with their DNC partner's CNN, ABC, NBC, NY Times, WP, among other news outlets, are all pursuing this new lead, they indicated that the FBI investigation should be prolonged until they find this parrot, they also indicated that it will take the parrot a good amount of time to repeat everything the parrot said in the last 40 years.


When asked the possibility that the parrot is deceased, they indicated that "parrot's talk".


It was noted that Feinstein has found and paid for the parrot's attorney, and that the attorney is already talking to other people & parrots that lived in the area at that time.

Democrats have indicated that if they find this parrot and the parrot is uncooperative, that they will request that a subpoena be issued by Grassley to force the parrot to appear.

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Re: New Witness

Polly want a cracker ?