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New airforce US flag

And you progressive ask why people get the feeling you hate this country.






I noticed something strange as I drove through Davis Monthan Air Force Base, in Tuscon, Arizona last week.

It was an American flag with rainbow stripes instead of the standard red and white stripes flying high on a two story house…on government property.

For those of you with military ties, you’ll understand the stark contrast between military and civilian life, and ultimately know duty comes before self. More specifically, it’s one of the Air Force‘s three core values that is drilled into us in Basic Military Training.



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Senior Contributor

Re: New airforce US flag

  1. The First Core Value: Integrity First
  2. The Second Core Value: Service Before Self
  3. The Third Core Value: Excellence In All We Do

I kindof like self-preservational instinct.  That being said.  GO.

Senior Contributor

Re: New airforce US flag

Stop it Brian. There are laws against mental abuse, especially children.