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Jim B. in Iowa
Senior Contributor

New hog site in the neighborhood

A neighbor of mine currently has two hog sites but is working on building a third one.  This morning they had the supervisor's vote on approval, though his matrix score was very good and in reality it is up to the DNR here in Iowa anyway.  But the supervisors get to 'vote' on it making them and their constiuents feel as though they are part of the process. 



This guy runs his two current sites as well as anyone runs a hog site.  Look very nice, as repectful of neighbors, roads, wind, etc as one can be when applying manure.  Very good operator. 


He chose a site that is about as isolated as one can find in our neck of the woods.  He bought the closest house, his hired man owns the next closest and his father owns the next closest.  Prevailing winds blow the stink to open fields for most of two miles other than the previous mentioned locations. 


So the whole neighborhood turned out for the bitch sesssion/supervisor meeting.  One by one they proclaimed how their quality of life will be affected by the hog site going in a mile from their homes. What I found quite humorous is the fact that those complaining the loudest all raised a ton of hogs while I was in my youth.  They all stunk up the neighborhood with their lagoons and their pits and their weekly liquid manure spreading.  Now, they are all getting older, all got out of hogs and livestock a decade or more back and now are strongly against someone else raising livestock. 



NIMBY strikes again. 

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Senior Advisor

Re: New hog site in the neighborhood

You ought to see them fight a new casino going in 3 miles from me. There are hundreds of homes with in a square mile of the site and you would think they were putting in a hog confinement system.


People are concerned about pollution and property values. Ironically on the other side of town there is a casino which has lots of 5 6 7 800,000 homes and I haven't seen any bargains yet

gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: New hog site in the neighborhood

I can relate exactly to the pig thing.   I had two neighbour complain at my further development.  One is 4 K's away and the other is 8 k's away.   Both just didn't want to see someone make money.