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Newest Tea Party member...Joe Manchin!

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Hey, a individual delay of Osamacare is all the House Repubs wanted, just like Obama`s rich corporate friends.  Looks like they might get it anyway. 

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Re: Newest Tea Party member...Joe Manchin!

Who will be the first Democrat to run on an anti-Obama platform and come right out and say that Barry was a fraud from the getgo and that true Democrats never did care for his policies?

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Re: Newest Tea Party member...Joe Manchin!

We are starting to see breaks in the Democrat`s Spartan-like sheild lock now, with the unpopularity of ACA.  Manchin is a calculating politician, he tried to make hay with the gun control deal earlier, now he`s bucking the "big guy" on his signature legislation. Perhaps other Dems will see that the sky doesn`t come crashing down and join the chorus.



If they could get a 1 yr delay, the 2014 election would be in the middle and there would be the last ditch effort to either change enough faces in the senate or get enough Dems on record that they would repeal the ACA in exchange for being re-elected.


If Reid would`ve allowed a up or down vote on the ACA, we wouldn`t have the damned mess, all politics is local and enough Dems have remorse about it.  So, if Reid is no longer speaker after the `14 election that will speak volumes. 


A 1 year delay helps lessen the government shutdown that Republicans are apparently being "blamed" for.

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Re: Newest Tea Party member...Joe Manchin!

Never knew Manchin was such a racist. A closet bagger if you will.

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Re: Newest Tea Party member...Joe Manchin!

He has big shoes to fill in the late Klansman, Robert Byrd   Smiley Happy


worth watching ba