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bruce MN

Next few weeks for Mitch’s GOP

Lots of crap going on out on the Nations landscape but what is going to go down in The Senior Chamber will play huge in the next 10 or more years.

Inaction on extension and necessary expansion of UI benefits and feverish efforts to placate Dennison’s BS edict to tie aid to public school districts to re-opening will not go unnoticed. And will sear an indelible brand on the party. One of these rare instances where the chamber’s minority can sit back and feed out line and let them have at it. 

It should be safe For the minority to let them craft a Bill and then see if the members who are standing for re-election want to stand and be counted in favor of it  


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Senior Advisor

Re: Next few weeks for Mitch’s GOP

The police force is proof enough that any contract dems sign is meaningless when it stands in the way of their marxist agenda.