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Nikola Tesla's Automobile

   In well informed circles, it is occasionally mentioned that Nikola Tesla, even in retirement, built an automobile propelled by gravity stressing energy. At the age of 70, in a period of deep economic depression, Tesla had considerable financial means. While these means were not as ample as originally and contractually promised by Westinghouse, they made possible this extraordinarily interesting episode which is today fully documented. We say this also because, once again. the episode points out the enormous significance of this extraordinary experimental physicist. It took no less than 100 years of today's fast-moving events to fully grasp the importance of the man. There is no explanation for this. One can merely humorously assume that Tesla came from some other world, to be born on Earth. His results in experimental physics, which appeared to be perfectly obvious, still cause indigestion in orthodox theoretical physics circles. 

In 1930, Nikola Tesla asked his nephew, Petar Savo, who was born in Yugoslavia in 1899, to come to New York. Petar was 43 years younger than his uncle. Up to that date, he had lived under stringent conditions in Yugoslavia, Tesla's country of birth. During the summer of 1931, Tesla took his nephew to Buffalo to unveil and test a new automobile. Tesla had developed it with his own personal funds.

It was a Pierce Arrow, one of the luxury cars of the period. The engine had been removed, leaving the clutch, gearbox and transmission to the rear wheels undisturbed. The gasoline engine had been replaced with a round, completely enclosed electric motor of approximately 1 meter in length and 65 cm in diameter, with a cooling fan in front. Reputedly, it had no distributor. Tesla was not willing to say who had manufactured the engine. It was possibly one of the divisions of Westinghouse.

The "energy receiver" (gravitational energy converter) had been built by Nikola Tesla himself. The dimensions of the converter housing were approximately 60 X 25 X 15 cm. It was installed in front of the dashboard. Among other things, the converter contained 12 vacuum tubes, of which three were of the 70-L-7 type. A heavy antenna, approximately 1.8 meters long, came out of the converter. This antenna apparently had the same function as that on the Moray converter (see below). Furthermore, two thick rods protruded approximately 10 cm from the converter housing. Tesla pushed them in, saying "Now we have power." the motor achieved a maximum of 1,800 rpm. Tesla said it was fairly hot when operating, and therefore a cooling fan was required. For the rest, he said there was enough power in the converter to illuminate an entire house, besides running the car engine. The car was tested for a week, reaching a top speed of 90 miles per hour effortlessly. Its performance data were at least comparable to those of an automobile using gasoline. At a stop sign, a passerby remarked that there were no exhaust gases coming from the exhaust pipe. Petar answered "We have no motor."

The car was kept on a farm, perhaps 20 miles outside of Buffalo, not far from Niagara Falls.

A few months after this automobile test, and because of the economic crisis at the time, Pierce Arrow had to stop production. It is very likely that the interconnection between the electric motor and the transmission had been performed there. Pierce Arrow's tools were taken over by Studebaker, in South Bend. Not quite 30 years later, that company also vanished to form American Motors, jointly with Nash. Later, some of its fans attempted to resuscitate the Pierce Arrow. Unfortunately, they were not successful.

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Re: Nikola Tesla's Automobile

Tesla was arguably the greatest inventor of all time, he just didn`t have the public relations that Edison and Westinghouse did.  If he were alive today with access to computers, I have no doubt that we`d be off our addiction to oil.

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Re: Nikola Tesla's Automobile

Why hasn't someone done something with it.  I also have to wonder why we are still saying all these distant solar systems are so many light years away if Einstein was wrong.  Has anyone measured the speed of light in outer space?

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Re: Nikola Tesla's Automobile

I`m sorry, where did it say Einstein was wrong about anything?

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Re: Nikola Tesla's Automobile

In some other things about Tesla.  Google him.

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Throwing some cold water and facts out there.....

as dreamy and romantic as it is to think of pulling energy right from the air, no credible evidence seems to exist that Tesla ever created the fairy tale automobile that you posted about. Here is a more realistic discussion on Wikipedia:



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Tesla electric car

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The Tesla electric car anecdote refers to a supposed Tesla invention described by a Peter Savo (who claimed to be a nephew of Tesla), to one Derek Ahers on September 16, 1967. Savo claimed that Tesla took him to Buffalo, New York in 1931 and showed him a modified Pierce-Arrow automobile.

According to the story, an acquaintance of Tesla's had the stock gasoline engine removed and replaced with a brushless AC electric motor. As he had not yet found a suitable power source, he asked Tesla for assistance. Tesla went to the local supply stores and came back with various parts. He created a box with "control rods" protruding from the top. Upon attaching it to the automobile and the drive motor, it is reported that Tesla stated the car now had power.

The motor was said to have been energized by a 'power receiver' consisting of a box measuring about 25 inches long by 10 inches wide by 6 inches high, containing 12 radio vacuum tubes and connected to a 6-foot-long (1.8 m) antenna. Tesla had always claimed that there was a ready source of power all around us, and supposedly he tapped into this to power the car. The car was said to have been driven for about 50 miles at speeds of up to 90 mph during an 8-day period.[1][2]

It was claimed that the newspapers derided Tesla and his claims, so he removed the box and it was never seen again. This story has received some debate, as no physical evidence has ever been produced confirming that the car actually existed. In light of the fact that Tesla did not have a nephew by the name of Peter Savo, the Tesla electric car story is considered to be a fabrication.[3] Every account of this purported demonstration automobile is based upon the 1967 story plus literary embellishment.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12]

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Re: Throwing some cold water and facts out there.....

  I'm glad you have come to except wikipedia as a infallible source.    There are a number of other links which are not so skeptical, including scientists who work in that field.


  I agree there is ample reason to question the validity of the claims one way or the other.  Notice the disclaimer notice about --Needs additional references or sources for verification, neutrality disputed.  There exist ruthless groups who would do everything to discredit anything which threatens their rice bowl. 


  My reason for posting the link to Tesla's automobile was in reference to Bruce's post in another line about a massive governmental program to find alternatives to petroleum and my reply suggesting the PTB would not allow their empire to fall apart.

 My main points are because any alternative which would threaten the petroleum monopsony would be savagely attacked.  This industry has misused the military power of our nations and others in order to establish their control, and dominance, which results in the death of millions and destruction of governments etc; they have the mindset of monarch's and dictatorial regime's ruthless contempt for human life and welfare.   I posted some links to information about petroleum corporations being found guilty in court of law for manipulating supply/prices, spending millions for propaganda and lobbyists.