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No matter how you feel about Joe etc.

This isn't good

"December, after adjusting for inflation, the worst monthly reading in nearly a year. Sales of existing homes in the U.S. fell last year to their lowest level since 2014 as mortgage rates rose. The auto industry posted its worst sales year in more than a decade."

Tech industry is laying off people, starting it appears with the highest paid.  That does not make me happy.  It's going to be hard to replace a quarter million dollar a year job by working at Home Depot or Walmart.  Yet the house and other payments will need to continue.


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Re: No matter how you feel about Joe etc.

Tech layoff is over due.  We need less corporatism and big tech that has been feeding off of the government pilfering moms and pops to feed the beast with never ending contracts.  

And service industries aren't really wealth creation.  We need people creating commodities and making use of commodities to create products.  That's how we win on the world stage. 

The fascists knew what they were doing by offshoring our manufacturing and building a propped up mirage of a service oriented economy.